Our Strains

Cinderella – Cinderella 99 x SpaceQueen

A cross between Cinderella 99 and SpaceQueen, Cinderella is a 60:40 Sativa/Indica ratio hybrid. Known for its energetic and clear-headed effect, Cindy is a perfect day-time smoke with its stimulating and focused cerebral high. This abstract strain is perfect for producing creative energy or motivation for tedious tasks. With Sativa dominance, this strain is helpful for pain, nausea, or depression and will provide an uplifting euphoria into a cognitive bliss. Trichomes cake the light green strain, giving it a pine-citrus aroma taste with sweet, earthy highlights. A few hits of Cinderella will elevate you into the dreamy enchantment of cloud 9.

Cookies & Cream – Girl Scout Cookies X OG Kush

A brilliantly crossed Indica hybrid, Cookies & Cream is the child of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. With a sweet and sour aroma, this strain will leave you with a heavy full-bodied Indica effect. After exhaling a hit of Cookies, expect an immediate narcotic, pain relieving stoney feeling followed by a wave of comfortability. The effects can be described as a painkiller with an anxiety relieving haze that heightens the appetite. The frosty green and purple buds have a sweet and spicy flavor with a strong hash accent. Cookies & Cream is suggested for evening use over daytime due to its sedative qualities.

ChemDog – Sour Diesel X OG Kush

A plethora of successful crosses make up this strain. ChemDog has secured a permanent place within the cannabis hall of fame. With a distinct and extremely pungent diesel-like aroma, Chem runs on the higher potency spectrum. Users can expect to have a very cerebral experience coupled with energizing and thought-stimulating effects. Chem is a great strain for accomplishing tasks as well as keeping the head buzzing and conversations flowing. However, this Sativa dominant strain isn’t for the first time toker as its potency hits quickly.

The Cure – Parents Unknown (speculative decendants are Columbian Gold, Nepali Indica, and Thai landrace strains)


 The Cure is a 75/25 sativa dominant strain with outstanding expressions of CBD. This mysterious strain’s parents are most likely rare Thai and Swiss land race strains combined with Colombian Gold and Nepali Indica. What’s unique about The Cure is that unlike most high CBD strains; she always develops a CBD. The cure carries a THC ratio of 5:2. This makes the strain one of the most effective and popular choices when it comes to pain relief. The Cure is a perfect smoke for new users as the CBD counteracts THC’s paranoia, leaving its users with a clear-headed and alert high.

God’s Gift – Grandaddy Purple X OG Kush

It is the strong darken ripened berry color that provides God’s Gift with its magical heavy Indica reputation. The Gift’s parents are both potent pain-relief strains, passing on their medicinal characteristics which make it popular amongst the medical community. With an instant and full-bodied feeling of euphoria, this strain is exceptionally great for social situations and engaged conversations. Along with it’s earthy aroma, God’s Gift has a citrus and grape after tone. This Indica will leave it’s users in a peaceful and dreamy daze often times followed by fits of giggling and laughter.

Wacky Tacky – Chem’s Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel

Wacky Tacky is a potent hybrid that administers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation often leaving its users glued to the couch. This strain grows chunky resin coated buds that have an earthy, sour aroma. Wacky’s high displays a full bodied effect despite its Sativa-dominance. Along with the body buzz, users can expect an uplifting cerebral high, however this strain is more ideal for afternoons rather than mornings. Wacky’s terpene profile coupled with its THC/CBD ratio is what gives the instant cerebral effect followed later by the Indica like sedation.

Jack Attack – Shiva Skunk X Haze X Northern Lights

The pungent and distinct smell of sweet orange, citrus, and cream fills the senses as you take a whiff of Jack. This incredible strain was designed to capture the cerebral elevation of Sativas while also producing the heavy resin production of Indica. When smoking, users can expect a smooth spicy pine flavor followed by a floral after tone, this hybrid will leave its consumers in a blissful clear-headed and creative mood.

501st OG – Skywalker OG X Rare Dankness #1

Bred by the infamous Rare Dankness, 501st OG is an Indica dominant hybrid. Stemmed from Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #1. This colorful flower will send you into a galaxy far, far away alongside its piney kush aroma and sweet grape flavor. 501st OG is notorious for its taste. Being a potent Indica, this strain is ideal for medical purposes or insomnia. Experienced tokers can attest that after a bowl of 501st; with just the first toke it’s easy to get lost in a time-space dimension where minutes feel like hours.